We Fuel Competitive Advantage & Transformational Growth.

Future Proof Labs/Talent partners game changing Talent with ambitious and brave companies to drive growth, today and tomorrow.

Future Proof Labs/Talent solves complex and mission critical talent acquisition briefs.

“We live in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition and unstoppable innovation” - Gary Hamel

Future Proof Labs/Talent believes great Talent is the single biggest point of competitive advantage and driver of transformational growth for brave companies creating the future.

In April 2022,
Future Proof Labs/Talent launched with the ambition to be the best source for game changing Talent and exceptional opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.

A strategically driven, collaborative and agile practice, Future Proof Labs/Talent draws on 25+ years international experience working with leading companies across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Over the past decade we've partnered iconic brands, technology platforms, creative agencies, family businesses and governments to help solve complex and mission critical Talent acquisition briefs across the UAE, KSA and Qatar, in sectors including technology, retail, FMCG, luxury, energy, government, creative and media.

Future Proof Labs/Talent delivers intelligent and customised Talent acquisition solutions by looking beyond the obvious and familiar to provide visibility and engagement of a new generation of high performer and innovative leader.

We are specialists at identifying, assessing and securing exceptional Talent.

We’ve built our
expertise partnering:

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We want to work with the best and get better each day.

We are a group of thinkers and doers, creative problem solvers and team players, who value integrity, collaboration, excellence and a growth mindset.

We believe diversity is fundamental to innovative thinking, the best client outcomes and the world we want to live in. If this sounds interesting, ‘let’s put a dent in the universe’.